Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Iron King (Iron Fey #1)


The Iron King is a fantastic book. Definitely holds true to what has always been "said" about the faerie world. It includes many seelie and unseelie fey characters that hold true to the prejudice of the Fey Realm.

This a fast paced, magnificently written story that kept me turning the pages. I read this 363 page book in approximately 3 days, if that. I am usually a fast paced reader so 3 days is pretty long. My only reasoning is the first half of the book kept losing me, but when I reached the halfway point I was sucked right back in again. The Characters are fantastic. Meghan, the heroine, has the most character development. She was likeable from the get go, snarky and fun with those she was comfortable around and yet brimming with all the insecurities many teen girls possess. Despite her fear she dives into the fey world to save her little brother and it’s over the course of her journey that she gains the strength and confidence to match her bravery. The heroes, Puck and Ash, were fantastic. Puck was mischievous and funny, his loyalty to Meghan endearing and sweet. Ash of course is the hottness of burning ice and was the ultimate bad boy. Grimalkin, who reminds me of the Cheshire Cat, acts exactly how you imagine a cat would if he could talk. Arrogant, witty and occasionally just a little bit nice.

The iron fey characters were particularly distinct and ingenious. I loved the pack rats and the terrifying Ironhorse and Iron King. The realm of the Iron fey is describe so well I can literally imagine myself standing right next to them.

This book gets a great 5 of 5 stars

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.